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Day 3: A book I love…

It’s SO hard to pick just one book!

There are so many I love: The Fault in Our Stars, Bitter is the New Black, The Last Symbol, to name just a few. 

For me a book that transports me, evokes feelings, makes me buy into the characters and story is the markings of a great book. If I can reread it countless times and srill feel the same way after the 100th reading loke I did after the 1st reading, that’s also a great book. 

If I had to choose just one book I would go with Jane Green’s “Promises to Keep”. In her story you meet two sisters, one that is seemingly living the perfect life, while the other sister seems to be drifting through life. It’s only after Callie is diagnosed with cancer (again) that you see the strength a family has for each other as they prepare for the unimaginable to happen.  

I think the reason the book resonates so much with me is that my relationship with my sister is very similar to the obe shared by the sisters in the book. Although it has makings of a “chick lit” book it goes so mich deeper than that. Take a chance and read it, trust me, you’ll thank me later. 


Latest reads

I always say that books seem to find me when I need them the most. Two of my most recent reads were “The Alchemist” and “Six Months to Live”. 

“The Alchemist” introduces the reader the a young man who is on the search for his purpose in life. Along the way he is met with challenges and decisions he must make.  The book is a perfect metaphor for life. We all are striving to find our purpose in life and often ebcounter struggles and challenges that may alter our lives.  Sometimes for the better, sometimes not.  It’s how we face these challenges and the decisions that we make that determine our destiny.  I found an interesting theme running through the book as well. Is our life a series of predetermined events? Or do we have free will? I like to think that I have free will and am able to choose my path, or destiny. But is that entirely true? Often times I find that I “take the easy way out” or make decisions to avoid conflict. In doing so am I dramatically changing the course of my life? In doing so am I missing out on ny true destiny? It’s hard to really know. 

I’m not going to lie. This book wrecked me. By the end I was a sobbing mess. As difficult as it was to read I think that it was an important book to read. Matt’s story is one that we all need to read/hear, if only to remember his story and honor him. I can’t even begin to imagine what it was like for him, being only 22 knowing you’re facing your own death. The book shows the reality of it: the fear, the hope, and the peace he finally found. He showed more composure at 22 than I think I have my entire life.