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Day 7: Five Pet Peeves…

  1. People who do not use their turn signal when driving: In NoVA this is a HUGE problem! I swear I did not have road rage until I moved to NoVa. What’s almost as bad are people who forget to turn off their turn signal, and all you can do is watch it continue to flash.  
  2. Liars: no explanation needed
  3. People who snap or crack their gum: you are not a cow so do not act or chew like one.
  4. People who are rude to others: to this all I have to say Karma is a bitch, those that are rude or nasty to other will get their just rewards someday.
  5. People who use the word like excessively: we are not valley girls and should not talk that way. I try and tell my students that someday when they are in the real world trying to land their first “real” job what they say and how they say it will be one of the ways future employers will judge them.