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Recapping vacation…

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my “family” vacation in Maui. Two years ago my dad decided to retire to Maui when he sold his dental practice. Since moving there we’ve talked about taking a vacation to see his house and the island, but as usual our plans frequently fell through due to life happening and whatnot.  After a lot of planning and juggling my dad finally decided to use some of his frequently flier miles to fly Josie (my sister), Anthony (my husband), and me to Maui for a “family” vacation. Josie ended up staying for 9 days, while Anthony and I had a week vacation. Maui (as expected) was amazing.  Great scenery, TONS of things to do, and AMAZING food.  Luckily we missed both Hurricane Iselle and Hurricane Julio on our vacation. 

Things I learned while on vacation:

  • My dad now has 3 tattoos and a pink and purple streak in his hair
  • My dad is HILARIOUS when drunk (which he is frequently)
  • My dad is determined to marry off my sister