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I admit it.  I’m overwhelmed.  I am drowning in work and don’t know how I will ever catch up.  For the past 3 weeks I’ve been putting in 15 hour days and still am falling behind.  How do you say enough is enough? How do you say STOP!

This year I’m a co-team leader (while the other team leader is out on maternity leave).  Add to that being a technology team committee member, buddy teacher to 2 teachers, class blogger, etc.  It never ends.  The hardest part is I hate confrontation, disappointing, and saying no to people.

This year I’ve been trying to have a better balance between my work and personal life but have never seem to be able to pull it off. I can never find that balance between the two. When excelling in one, the other one is struggling.  I don’t want either to suffer, but I can tell I’m lacking.  I’m becoming more and more frustrated with my husband and with my students and I feel horribly guilty because it’s not their fault.  It’s my own anger, frustration, exhaustion being aimed at the easiest targets.


Just keep swimming I guess…