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Hypothetical question…

If you were given the choice to know when (day or date) you were going to die would you want to know?

It may seem like a morbid question but I am curious. By knowing the day/date of your death would it change the way you live? Would you take more chances? Travel more? Act differently? 

I honestly don’t know if I would want to know. I think having that knowledge would scare me more than anything. But on the flip side I think it would push me to accomplish the things on my bucket list (the things I want to do before I “kick the bucket”)

  1. See the Great Wall of China
  2. See Niagara Falls
  3. See the Grand Canyon 
  4. Visit/tour the Napa Valley (and sample the wine!)
  5. Eat at Alinea (in Chicago)
  6. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
  7. Ride in a hot air balloon
  8. Publish a piece of writing (I guess having a blog could technically count for this one…) 
  9. See the Northern Lights 
  10. Learn a new hobby or skill
  11. Take a spontaneous road trip

I’m sure everyone else has things like this on their bucket list… but in addition to the tangible things I want to accomplish there are a few abstract things I want to accomplish as well…

  1. Make a difference in the world 
  2. Be the change/or good in the world
  3. Encourage and teach strong girls to become strong women
  4. Believe and see the good in people 
  5. Have an attitude of gratitude

Turning over a new leaf?

It’s a new year… and as many are doing I suppose it’s time for my new year resolutions? I’m not one for making resolutions, because inevitably I end up breaking them, and then feel like a failure.  So, instead here are things that I want to focus on this year.

1. I want to be healthier.  Does that mean I want to lose weight, yes. Ultimately that is the goal.  But am I fixated on a number, no.  I want to get control of this part of my life.  I admit I’m an emotional eater.  Days when I’m frustrated or angry I usually turn to a salty or sweet snack to curb the feelings. Is it healthy, no. But I’m working on it. I begrudgingly signed up for a diet that a lot of my coworkers have had success on.  They’ve lost between 50 -100 lbs in a year or less. You can’t really argue with those kid of results.  The thing I’ve learned since starting the diet is that my willpower is lacking.  I will have a great few days of eating great, making progress and in the end I break down and have a handful of chips, or candy.  As hard as it’s been I’m seeing results already though.  I’m one where most of my weight is centered around my belly – and since starting the diet (even with my few times I cheated on the diet) am seeing my stomach shrinking. I am actually getting the ghost inking of stomach definition. So, pretty much I need to commit for a few months, no cheating, to see what results I can get. Also, so I’m not wasting money.

2. I want to feel happy again. I admit that I’m in a rut, and I don’t like feeling this way.  I want to be excited about going to work.  I want to love life.  And at the moment I feel none of this.  I hate my job. I hate feeling blah.  I just feel numb. I don’t know if I’m cut out for 10 (or more) years as a teacher.  I just don’t know what I would do instead of teach though.  That’s all that I’ve ever known, and it’s something that has always come easy, natural even.