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Day 5: Things I Would Like to Say to an Ex…

Being with you made me learn more:

  • About myself: you taught me so many things about myself I didn’t know. You taught me to see the big picture, while also seeing the small details. You showed me that there is so much more to life; life is made up of experiences, people, places, food, culture, etc. and to live we should take the time to experience and appreciate those things. 
  • About love: you taught me what it is like to love someone else completely and whole heartedly.  To love them with all their faults. Love them through the highs and lows that life throws at you. Love them even when you can’t stand to look at them.
  • About being selfless: teaching me that it is ok to let someone else “win” the fight. To also teach me to think about someone else’s needs/wants before my own.
  • About being confidant: teaching me to find my voice and the confidence to use it. To trust myself, my experiences, my knowledge, and my words, and to not let fear and anxiety dictate my life.
  • About my inner strength: teaching and showing me that I am stronger than I ever thought I could be, that even in my darkest moments I can rise and overcome.
  • About heartbreak: teaching me that love sometimes ends, and at the time it may feel like the world is ending, but eventually a person can move on, and even love again.

And it is with these things I have to thank you, because without you I wouldn’t have learned these things about myself.