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Day 2: Something I feel strongly about…

Organ donation.

I think people should be organ donors. It’s a small way that you can turn a horrible event into a positive (and possible life changing) event for someone. It’s also a way that the deceased can live on. We all want to believe we are carrying on a legacy, and in the process making our own imprint on the world. 

Recently a coworker passed away during childbirth. She was a young (just 24 uears old!) and a healthy person, without any complicarions during her pregnancy. Since she was an organ donor many of her organs were donated. The staff learned later that her kidney was given to a man who has been on the transplant list for awhile and would most likely die without the transplant. It’s hard to process when someone so young and full of life dies, but knowing she was able to help so many people makes it a little easier. 

And yes, I am an organ donar, in case you were wondering.