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Me Before You…

For the longest time I’ve had friends and family members tell me I should read this book. It was always on my kindle queue or my must read book list, but for some reason I kept delaying reading it. I think largely in part due to the subject matter presented in the book: assisted suicide. 

I know religious people say suicide is a mortal sin, and those that make that choice are forever doomed to hell. Also, anyone that helps, or assists, is considered a murderer. 

But what would you do… if you, like the main character had a debilitating injury that left you in chronic pain and a lifetime of sickness and you are forced to watch your body deteriorate in front of you. I can’t say I blame the character for his choice. While it is not something I would choose who am I to decide what is best for someone else. Because essentially that is the heart of the matter.

It is their choice. 

Or if it would be you in that position it would be your choice, no one else’s. 

Suicide, like death, has a rippling effect. We cannot always know the effect our death has upon others.

I hope I am never in the position where I would feel the need to commit suicide or be asked by another to help them end their life. 

I guess the take away from the book is even if you don’t agree with someone’s decision (assisted suicide) be there for them and express your feelings honestly.