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Return to blogging…

Since I’m now on summer vacation I’ve decided I want to try and blog a little more.  I find blogging is cathartic for me. I have a hard time opening up and being vulnerable to people so this is my method of opening up (if only a small part).  During the next month I’ll try and follow this list of blog topics.

I did get some awesome news today. I was selected to participate on a countywide committee to pick a basal social studies textbook! This is a HUGE deal! My name (as well as others) were submitted to the school board AND approved! It’s strange how one small change can start a domino effect of awesomeness.

So stay tuned for increased blogging from me, for at least this month.


Return to blogging

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since the last time I posted any new blog updates.  I’ve always considered blogging to be a cheap form of therapy for myself where I have a space to work out some thoughts, feelings, concerns, doubts, or even questions I have running through my head.  What I write is mainly for myself, however is open for others to read.  I don’t ask you to agree with me, or am I trying to persuade anyone.