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Back to School! 

So I don’t officially go back to work until Aug 26th but as I see all my friends head back to school it starts me thinking about this time of year… 

As a teacher back to school time is a mixture of excitement, nervousness, and anxiety. It is also a time of starting fresh. A new year. New students. New memories. 

I haven’t felt this excited about starting a new school year in a LONG time. It is exciting to start at a new school and new job. This year I will be teaching 5th grade Advanced Academic Program students (AAP), otherwise known as gifted kiddos math and science. I LOVE science so having this opportunity is an amazing opporotunity. Also the school I’ll be at is DRAMATICALLY different than my last school. It’s refreshing to see a principal and staff that genuinely care about each other, support each other, and above all else are focused on making their school be the best it can be. That’s a rare find, believe me.  

So for now, I’m content enjoying the last few days of my summer before the back to school madness sets in…