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Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder…

What is beauty?

I’ve never considered myself beautiful. Cute, yes. Quirky, yes. But beautiful, no. 

Growing up I was always told my sister was the hot one, or beautiful one when people compared the two of us. After awhile I started to believe it.  

Being one of the few Asians in WV was tough. Cultural identify was hard to understand. My parents tried their best to educate me about the korean culture, but for the longest time I thought I was white. I didn’t realize I was different from everyone else. (Seems crazy I know). As I grew older the reality hit me. Most people were accepting of my differences, but there were/are always close-minded assholes out there. I frequently remember being asked if I spoke English or asked why I my eyes didn’t open up all the way…I was embarassed of who I was. 

Now that I’m older I realize that it is my differences that make me special, unique even. So what if I don’t look like everyone else. So what if I’m not a size 2. I’ve finally accepted my differences and have learned to celebrate them.