Trying to Find Balance…

I know I speak for most teachers when I say I ALWAYS bring work home with me. Teaching is probably one of the few professions that stretches beyond the typical 9-5 jobs (or 8:25-3:35 in my case).

In the past I’ve often let school work take over my life… writing lesson plans, grading paper, etc. I end up running myself ragged and in turn much of my personal life falls apart as a consequence. 

This year I’m trying to find a better balance in ny life, both professionally and personally. I am trying to make a better effort in reconnecting with friends, do putting more time into my hobbies and interests, and above all taking time for myself. 

With that decision it basically comes down to the fact of saying no. Saying no to things. I cannot do it all, nor should I be expected to do so. And you know what, I’m ok with that fact. I always thought by saying no meant you were admitting you were less of something… but honestly that is crap. Saying no is showing you value your time and others should to. 


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